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Accounting Services

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business!

Monthly accounting and financial reporting is key to making decisions in your business. Our small business accounting packages frees up your time so you can focus on the operational aspects of your business.

Our Monthly + Quarterly Accounting Services includes a variety of packages with various services which include:

  • Quickbooks Online Subscription (If needed)
  • Monthly / Quarterly Accounting
  • Monthly / Quarterly  Finance Reports
  • Monthly / Quarterly Finance Meetings (1 Hour virtually)
  • Email + Phone Support and implementation
  • 1099 Tracking + Filing
  • 50% off Tax Preparation Services

After our discovery call we will determine which services and packages best fit your company needs.

Do I have to use Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is not required. Just recommended. But I can use your chosen software to help you manage your accounting services, as long as I have access.

Are you a CPA?

Yes, I am a licensed certified public accountant.

Can you help me with my taxes?

Yes, taxes are a separate engagement but by being on monthly or quarterly accounting client you will have 25% off all tax services we provide.

How do you determine the packaging and monthly rate?

Your monthly rate and chosen package is based on the information you share with in the call such as number of businesses, accounts being maintained, etc.

Can you help me with Tax Planning Services?

Yes. This is separate engagement but as an accounting client you can get 20% off tax planning services.

Can you guarantee these savings?

We can’t guarantee any of the savings. The nature of tax planning is that it’s forward looking and based on projections of income and expense. If those income and expense numbers change for any reason, savings will be impacted.

Stage 1 – Discovery Call

During our discovery call we will discuss your specific accounting service needs, help you determine your package and we will followup with a proposal, contract and invoice if we are a good fit.

Stage 2 – Proposal Contract and Invoice 

If you’d like to move forward then your proposal, contract & invoice will all be sent via email. Note, you will 72 hours to make your decision. Our books fill up fast.

Stage 3 – Quickbooks Implementation (in Select Packages) 

During this phase, if you’ve completed stage 2, Time to clean Quickbooks. Services include but are not limited to classifying all transactions, monthly reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts chart of account clean-up, adjusting journal entries.

Stage 4 – Ongoing Retainer Services 

After you’ve gotten through states 1-3 we will be in the ongoing retainer services where we will discuss your monthly/quarterly reports, share ways to keep your business thriving, and also have monthly/quarterly meetings.

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Privacy and security are important to us.

We have an encrypted portal where clients can upload and download sensitive files.

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